Running After a Toddler


Well…I’m not “running,” running.  But I’m getting closer!

I’ve noticed that I have many different ways of measuring my progress.  Lately, I’ve been trying to get outside as much as possible with my 1 year old for what I call “outdoor roaming.”  That means letting him walk around and explore our yard for about an hour (which inevitably leads to him crossing the street toward neighbors’ plants and animals).

Note that my baby recently turned one, but he’s been walking quite well since 10 months, and he’s now breaking out into little sprints.  Just 2 days ago, he literally took OFF down the sidewalk, which surprised me.  (At that moment, I realized that I might soon need to get a kid leash for some instances.)

Not that long ago, I really didn’t feel “the greatest” when I’d go outside with him.  Since he wants to put everything in his mouth still, the cruising outside requires me to stay hypervigilant and ready to react in an instant.  The outing requires me to constantly bend down, pull his hand away from his mouth, and say “yucky” over and over again.

If you deal with prolapse, bending down for things isn’t good.  Yesterday was a particularly good day, and I noticed then that the bending was a LOT more comfortable.  I also noticed the ease at which I’m moving faster, in order to keep up with my little explorer.  We do live on a sort of busy street!

The best technique for bending/reaching down is flexing my knees and hips and making sure I stick my butt WAY out as I reach down.  That stabilizes all those pelvic organs.

It gives me peace to know that– while I do modify my activities– I am very capable of keeping up with my active toddler!

I am healed.