At The Park


As a follow-up to yesterday’s post…today seemed like an odd day.  I felt better than yesterday, but it wasn’t up there with my best days.  As I’m writing this post past 9 PM (before bed), I can report that today my symptoms were at their mildest after dinner.

That’s atypical.  In general, if I’m gonna feel a little worse some time during the day, then I usually feel a little more “bulgy” toward the end of the day.

Here’s what I did physically today…

I took my almost-14 month old boy to the park.  I held his hand going up the stairs, and we went down the slides together (and repeated it several times).  I kept him from getting into the path of other kids on moving swings, and I kept him from touching little babies in their car seats and strollers.  I followed him down a leaf-covered slope as he chased after doggies, and I hauled him over my shoulder while climbing back uphill.  And more…naturally!

Unfortunately, playing at the park (as I described above) sets my pelvic organs up for failure.  I simply cannot maintain proper Whole Woman posture all the time while being a hands-on mom.  Hands-on means frequent bending to his level and frequent handling!

I don’t ever want to sit on the sidelines because of my prolapse symptoms.  I’m trying to find that peaceful, “happy place” where I’m able to take the best care of my boy while simultaneously taking the best care of myself.

After we left the park, I drove to the grocery store, we shopped with a cart, we returned home, had dinner, and prepared for the bedtime routine.  And somehow, I felt better as the evening progressed.  I was pleasantly surprised.

A day in the life with prolapse is like a box of chocolate:  You never know what you’re gonna get!

I am healed.


On the Floor


I spend a LOT of time on the floor, being a mom to a toddler.  It’s kind of crazy.  I’m going to make a quick list of all of the baby-related things I do on the floor on a daily basis:

  • playing
  • looking out the window (from floor level)
  • feeding him snacks
  • putting on diapers for nap time & nighttime (wrestling included!)
  • getting him dressed in underwear & other clothing (chasing included!)
  • blotting the carpet with prefold diapers when he pee-pees and it soaks through his underwear (he’s an almost 14 month old who’s been using the toilet since he was 3.5 months)
  • picking up toys and everything else that ends up on the floor (but I do use my reacher a lot!)
  • picking him up off the floor

For a long time, I’ve noticed that all that “floor time” isn’t so good for pelvic organ prolapse.  Of course, it’s not the being on the floor that’s bad (lying down is good!).  It’s the getting down and getting back up again that seems to stress the perineum (at times).

At present, I’m doing very well.  I’m feeling better all the time!  But going down on the floor and getting back up again is still something that I have to do all day long that I’d rather not do.  Until I have ZERO symptoms, those transitional movements will always “kind of, sort of” bother me.

Sure– if you go from upright to floor level and back up again just once during the day, or if you pick up your kid from the floor just once during the day, or if you bend for a dropped item just once during the day…then each isolated movement shouldn’t exacerbate the prolapse symptoms.

However, moms of babies do these activities repeatedly, day in and day out.  It adds up to a lot!

Sometimes I think back to when I didn’t have a kid.  I think the only time I spent on the floor back then was when I did stretching, yoga and other exercises.  Otherwise, I didn’t literally live on the floor!

I do look forward to when I won’t have to spend so much time on the floor, but that DOESN’T MEAN I WANT MY SON TO GROW UP ANY FASTER!!  For the record, I love playing with him and I love doing everything that’s required to be a good mama to him!  You get my point, right?

I just believe that my body will be that much happier (and at peace!) when I can spend less time getting myself down and up, down and up!  For now, I’m trying to always move my body in ways that will facilitate my continued progress.

I am healed.

Running After a Toddler


Well…I’m not “running,” running.  But I’m getting closer!

I’ve noticed that I have many different ways of measuring my progress.  Lately, I’ve been trying to get outside as much as possible with my 1 year old for what I call “outdoor roaming.”  That means letting him walk around and explore our yard for about an hour (which inevitably leads to him crossing the street toward neighbors’ plants and animals).

Note that my baby recently turned one, but he’s been walking quite well since 10 months, and he’s now breaking out into little sprints.  Just 2 days ago, he literally took OFF down the sidewalk, which surprised me.  (At that moment, I realized that I might soon need to get a kid leash for some instances.)

Not that long ago, I really didn’t feel “the greatest” when I’d go outside with him.  Since he wants to put everything in his mouth still, the cruising outside requires me to stay hypervigilant and ready to react in an instant.  The outing requires me to constantly bend down, pull his hand away from his mouth, and say “yucky” over and over again.

If you deal with prolapse, bending down for things isn’t good.  Yesterday was a particularly good day, and I noticed then that the bending was a LOT more comfortable.  I also noticed the ease at which I’m moving faster, in order to keep up with my little explorer.  We do live on a sort of busy street!

The best technique for bending/reaching down is flexing my knees and hips and making sure I stick my butt WAY out as I reach down.  That stabilizes all those pelvic organs.

It gives me peace to know that– while I do modify my activities– I am very capable of keeping up with my active toddler!

I am healed.

What a Difference a Year Makes


One year ago- when my baby was just a few weeks old– I was at a very low point in my life as a new mom.  September 7th sticks out in my head as the “low day,” in fact.  After that day, my mood started going up.  My primary problem at the time was my struggle to breast feed.  I’d gotten to the point where I just had to accept that breastfeeding wasn’t working and it wasn’t going to work.  Once I was able to accept organic soy formula as being a positive thing for my baby and for our family (and not a form of poison!), things got a lot easier.  Amazingly, I pretty quickly got over my heartache surrounding my breastfeeding “failure.”  (Once I saw how much my boy was thriving.)

One year later, EVERYTHING is better!  One year ago, I did not have the opportunity to remain horizontal on the couch for the hours and hours that my very very sore perineum desperately needed.  Back then, I had no choice but to SIT for breastfeeding attempts, SIT for pumping (tiny amounts of milk at that), and STAND (in agony) while I repeatedly washed bottles and pump parts.

This morning I was feeling tired and lazy (my boy was up early today, at 5:30 AM).  I just wanted to spend some time lying on the couch, so that’s what I did!  It was no problem because my one year old just had fun playing in the living room near me.  As I was horizontal, I thought about last year and how I was not able to do that.

My perineum is always happy in the horizontal position, that’s one truth.  It’s a position of peace, that’s for sure!

I loved my newborn baby, but I will admit that all things considered, I love having a one year old a lot more!  And– on this note, he’s waking up from his nap.  Gotta go…

I am healed!