About me…

So– my husband and I had decided long ago that we weren’t going to have kids.  But at the age of 42 (me) and 47 (him) we found out that I was pregnant in December 2013!  (And having our son turned out to be the best life change ever!)

I had an easy (vegan) pregnancy, but my birth (August 2014) was anything but!  After almost 5 hours of pushing (I labored at a birth center), I had to be transferred to the hospital for an episiotomy.

I suspected some sort of pelvic organ prolapse within my first 2 weeks post-partum (PP).  My midwives and ARNP tried to reassure me that I was healing properly, but my gut told me differently.  Sure enough, I was right because I was still trying to manage and cope with symptoms of moderate perineal pressure and disturbing internal bulges months and months later.

Up until ~6 weeks ago, I was doing the “traditional” things to try to heal myself.  I was doing 1000s of kegels and pulling in with my transversus abdominis muscle all the time!  I tried using a ring support pessary for a while (it sort of helped at first, but then it felt worse with it in).  Unfortunately, I was also doing “core” exercises that I didn’t realize (back then) were actually impeding my progress. Oops!

At about 11 months PP, I discovered the Whole Woman Inc website, and then I started doing things a LOT differently.  I started following the posture guidelines, and I stopped “sucking and tucking” (my abs and pelvis).  I stopped doing kegels!

I’m now starting this blog about 6 weeks into doing things the “Whole Woman” way.  I can definitely say that I’ve felt my best in the weeks after I changed my tactics.  I believe that the WW approach works.

At 12 1/2 months PP I have mild prolapse symptoms (I believe it’s both cystocele and rectocele), but I’m doing better than I ever have.  My progress, while slow, continues.  I’m told that it can take up to 2 years to fully heal after childbirth, and I am encouraged by that timeline.

I’m thankful that I have normal urinary, bowel and sexual function.  My only “problem” is the annoying/nagging feelings of pressure, bulges and/or a little irritation.  Nothing is actually “out.”  To be sure, I’m not doing every activity that I’d like to be doing (like running, skipping, and jumping!), and I DO have to modify how I perform even mundane household activities and baby care (in regards to lifting, especially).  But, in general, I’m able to live my active life and be happy.

I’ve created this blog to journal about my ongoing quest toward complete healing.  I daily manifest, “I AM HEALED.”

Thanks for reading.  I welcome your comments!

Updated September 8, 2015


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