July 1, 2016

This is a big deal.

All afternoon I’ve been hanging out at home with boxer shorts on…without wearing underwear underneath.  That’s a definite sign of progress!

Up until even a couple weeks ago I never felt comfortable wearing nothing.  As in– when I get out of the shower and I walk across my bedroom, I’ve always felt really “agape” and “open” and “unsupported”…basically “not good.”

Hence my comfort wearing thong underwear.  I’ve done posts on that in the past, as you will recall.

Something’s been happening in the past couple months.  Healing is still happening.  It takes a long time.  It’s been 22 months + since I had my baby.  My prolapse symptoms have been evolving and changing and getting better little by little and bit by bit.

I measure my progress in funny ways.  Like wearing my boxers without undies.  Hooray!

I feel at peace knowing that…

I am healed!