Trying on Pants

May 23, 2016

Let’s see if I can get this post done before my 21 month old toddler wakes up!  He’s been sleeping for 2.25 hours already, but 3 hour naps are within his norm (thankfully!)

Yesterday I took the opportunity to shop for some “new” clothes at the thrift store while my boy napped while my husband stayed home.

I started the day feeling great.  I am at the point in my cycle just after ovulation, which seems to be a good time of the month for feeling optimal.  However–

I noticed that with trying on more and more pants by stepping into and out of pant after pant after pant, I started “feeling it.”  As is often the case, that means that I feel a certain hard-to-describe discomfort (really hard to describe, actually) just behind/above my pubic bone.

I think the feeling is somehow coming from my bladder not quite sitting right.  Who knows?  I could go crazy trying to figure this thing out.

But anyway…the point is that I noticed this happening.  Then I started using the seat in the fitting room to sit on while I donned and doffed pant legs.  It’s the little things that make a difference, y’all!

Now I’m conscious about sitting down more here and there while getting dressed at home.

To end this short post (because I am still going to try to blog more often, really!) I shall write down the quote that was the FIRST thing I saw when I popped open my Facebook page today…

It was posted by a page called “Daily Thoughts” and it said:

“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”

Ahhhh!  PEACE!  TRUTH!

And my boy is just now waking up as I push “publish” (it’s now been 2.75 hours…)

I am healed.


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