January 13, 2016

Here’s yet another observation about my monthly cycles.

I’ve mentioned before that I have increased “symptoms” leading up to ovulation.  I used to feel like those symptoms were a slight worsening of my “prolapse symptoms”…i.e. pressure (that’s been the dominant sensation).

However, last month and especially this month I’ve definitely come to the realization that I’m not really feeling a bit more uncomfortable because of my “prolapse symptoms.”

(Right now it’s cycle day 9 and my fertile days this month are ~9-13 with ovulation expected at day 13.)

At this very moment, I’m almost feeling some old familiar sensations…kind of like abdominal cramping.  Mild, but noticeable.  I haven’t had period cramps in my abdomen since before I was pregnant.  Even in the year-ish before I got pregnant my cramps were super mild to non-existent.  But that’s sort of how it feels right now.

I also definitely have that swollen feeling like I described in a previous post.  But it’s what I’m calling “period pain” that is the NEW thing.  It’s interesting.

It’s a reminder to myself that things are still changing for me.  My body is still changing.  It’s not a worsening of my prolapse symptoms at all.  That gives me peace.

Who knows when I’ll enter into peri-menopause, also.  That’ll be another something new.  I am 44 years old, after all.

Keep this progress marching forward!

I am healed.


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