Throwing Out My Pessary

January 5, 2015

Seven months ago…that was the last time I wore my pessary.  It’s definitely time to throw the darn thing away!

It was January last year that I decided to pursue getting one in the first place.  Back then I hadn’t yet found the Whole Woman website.  Back then I was feeling a whole lot worse than I do now.  Back then I was about 4.5 months post-partum.  Now I’m 16.5 months post-partum.

It wasn’t until mid-February last year when I actually got the pessary.  February 20th to be exact.

I tried wearing the ring pessary on and off for about 4 months.  Yes, there were times when it did cut down the severity of my prolapse symptoms…a little bit.  Yet, most of the time the improvement didn’t last very long at all.  Specifically, within hours it would shift and create its own discomfort.

Eventually it was obvious that the pessary was no real help to me.  Eventually I found the Whole Woman website and I learned why pessaries are not the “answer” to the problem of pelvic organ prolapse.


I will say that my pessary did give me one good thing:

It gave me HOPE.  It gave me something to try.  It gave me a small feeling of being in control.  It gave me an option.  It gave me something to actively do in regards to my healing.

Having hope is very important for healing!  The worst thing is feeling like you’ve exhausted all of your options to heal, right?  It’s scary to think that you’re at the end of the line, with NO where else to go.

It took me ~4 months to realize that my pessary wasn’t going to be the solution to my problem.  Yet I had hope for at least some of that time.

Then, when I started following the Whole Woman approach (at >11 months post-partum), I gained a whole new batch of hope.

Now…to the present time.  Do I still have hope?  Do I still have things to try?  Do I feel in control?  Do I have more options?  Am I actively doing something to facilitate my healing?


I am trying my hardest to live and function in the optimal posture.  I suppose that’s “all I can do,” but I am also still hopeful that TIME itself will continue to heal.  And I’m not afraid to admit that I do believe in the possibility of big progress without an obvious cause = a miracle.

I don’t plan to lose hope.  Hope keeps me positive.  Hope gives me peace.  Hope is what I’m holding onto.

Pessary, you didn’t help me much, but you did give me hope for a few months.  Thanks for that!  Now off you go to the trash!

I am healed.


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