Whole Woman Skiing

December 12, 2015

Hello out there!  Has anyone noticed that I’ve fallen off my habit of blogging nearly every day?  I guess it’s because I’ve had more to do lately since Christmas is coming soon, along with the fact that some days I just don’t have much to say.

Today I do have several things to report, though!  Today we went skiing, so our ski season has officially started…woo-hoo!

First, my ski pants do not fit.  And that’s no big surprise.  They were brand new literally right before I found out I was pregnant in December of 2013.  I bought them new when I was at my leanest and lightest.  And those Patagonia size XS pants cost me a pretty penny…about $450 I believe.

Then I got pregnant.  Then I had my baby.  Then I found out that I couldn’t just get back to my old exercising ways on account of my little prolapse problem.  Then I got pretty lean again just with my healthy (vegan) diet alone.  Then I was able to fit into those ski pants at the very end of last ski season (late March 2015).  Then, I was “sucking and tucking” ((cringe)).


I certainly don’t suck and tuck (my abs and my pelvis).  I allow my belly to stay relaxed.  And while I’m still just a few pounds over my lightest weight, it seems that my body proportions are different than before I had a baby.

Which means my pants don’t fit.  Which bums me out not because they don’t fit, but because I don’t like wasting $$$!  I have a hard time believing that I’ll ever be able to fit my now-relaxed-belly into those pants again.  Bummer.

But now onto the good news!

Skiing today felt AWESOME.  Last year I was feeling soooo much worse than I felt today.  Last year I felt like things were falling out!  I kind of lived in a state of fear.  Last year I remember that skiing felt better than walking…but that wasn’t really saying much because walking felt pretty shitty.

Last year, I remember feeling particularly uncomfortable and unnerved when my body would be jostled by bumpier sections of terrain.  Only now– one year further into my healing– I realize just how fragile and vulnerable my post-partum body was back then.  I really can appreciate that now.

Today was Day 1 of my period.  Just like last month, it wasn’t as painful as Day 1 on other months.

But what I REALLy want to mention today is that telemark skiing (the kind of skiing I do!) is an ideal exercise for gals with prolapse symptoms!  Last year during ski season, I wasn’t doing Whole Woman posture.  This year I most certainly am!

Today I noticed that when I ski, and especially when I do tele (telemark) turns, my body is in a great position for keeping my pelvic organs “pinned” safely against the bony wall that is my pubic bone.  When I ski, my lumbar curve is maintained, my upper body remains lifted, yet I’m tipped slightly forward as I move down the hill with gravity (which further pins my organs where they ought to be).

And– when I do tele turns, one leg is always further back than the other.  THAT really optimizes my pelvic organ stability.  Unfortunately, I can’t really explain it.  I just notice a definite difference compared to doing “regular” parallel turns.  Tele turns are the best!

Oh, how I loved telemark skiing before I had a kid.  And oh, how I love it now! 🙂

Long before I got pregnant, I enjoyed a lot of “Gratitude Saturdays” while skiing.  Today was definitely a Gratitude Saturday.  Today I felt peaceful and grateful as I noted just how much I’ve improved from one year ago.

My ski pants might not fit, but…

I am healed.

(If you want to buy my like-new Size XS Patagonia ski pants for a great deal, then shoot me an e-mail.  Seriously!)


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