It’s Helping?

November 17, 2015

Remember back about a month and a half ago, when I said that I was drinking raspberry leaf tea and making a tea out of gotu kola powder?

Well, I’ve been very good about taking the gotu kola powder tea daily, and I’ve been pretty good about drinking the raspberry leaf tea most days.  (Up until recently, I was faithfully drinking both on a daily basis.)

After I posted a couple weeks ago about how I’ve noticed my belly skin tightening up, it occurred to me that maybe it was because of the gotu kola powder.  Could it be?  At the time, I’d been drinking a teaspoon of powder in hot water daily for about a month.  Recall that the gotu kola powder is supposed to heal/repair/strengthen the skin and connective tissue (among other things).


Also, this month– TODAY– I experienced much less pain at the beginning of my period.  Today was day 2 of my cycle.  Very early in the day, I didn’t have any vulvar pain like I described last month.  As the morning progressed, that quality of pain emerged.  It was quite uncomfortable for a couple hours.  Yet, by early afternoon it was basically gone.  It was nothing like last month and the months before.  So far it also seems like this period is going to be lighter than what’s been “normal” for me post-baby.

Can I thank either of the teas (or both) for my improved period symptoms?  Recall that the gotu kola is supposed to have a positive effect on veins/varicose veins, and the raspberry leaf tea is supposed to support healthy menstruation, among other things.

I also wonder if these herbal remedies have done some good for my prolapse/prolapse symptoms in general.  I am still experiencing slow, gradual, and steady improvement.  Yes, S-L-O-W…but sure!

Who knows?!

I just know that every tiny bit of progress brings me more peace.  I’m just gonna keep drinking those teas.  Because it’s a very easy thing to do.  And it doesn’t cost much, either.

I am healed.


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