November 16, 2015

The theme for this post is reading!  I’m doing a lot of reading these days.  It’s good!

My boy is almost 15 months and he loves looking at books and having them read to him…at specific times:  when he first wakes up in the morning, before his daytime nap, and bedtime.  I sit and rock with him in my glider chair for the longest (sweetest 🙂 ) time, while he drinks his “formula milk” and/or water.

He shows his book preferences (i.e. grabbing for specific books on my nightstand).  He demonstrates his vocabulary:  “bah” (ball), “gah” (car, cat).  He does signs for “frog” (by sticking out his tongue), “butterfly” (by flapping his fingers like wings), and “airplane” (by waving his whole arm as if flying a plane).  He tries to “moo” for cow (it comes out like a soft hum) and “baa” for sheep (it comes out with puffed out lips, “putt putt putt”).

Anyway– we spend a lot of time with books because I was a voracious reader as a kid (pre-teen especially), and I hope that my son will also enjoy reading.  At the very least, I’m doing my best to foster his intelligence!

So what does reading have to do with healing from prolapse?  Well, there’s this:

Before baby, when I was working full-time, I was extremely disciplined with my exercise routine.  I’d get up by 5 AM and I’d either go for a walk outside, or else do my own home workout.  It included lifting weights, doing body weight resistance exercises, and/or doing a yoga DVD or Beachbody DVD (i.e. Insanity, P90X).

Before baby, before I gave birth, I imagined that sooner or later, I’d resume my morning workouts after baby was “x” months old (I didn’t really have a number in mind, I just figured it would be pretty soon after!)

Hello, reality check!

Lo and behold, my baby’s birth and my post-partum phase (i.e. the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th trimesters) were complicated.  I’ve mentioned it before that I had to accept my situation and GET OVER the fact that I just could not resume the kind of exercise routine that had been my habit.  Indeed, exercising in general dropped down on my list of priorities anyway!

So here’s where the reading comes in…

Once my baby got to the point where he slept through the night most of the time– which meant that I was no longer sleep-deprived and I had a little morning awake time to decide what I wanted to do before he woke up– I decided that I’d get back into reading.

(( Smile ))

I took an activity that I used to love, but I’d kind of stopped doing (reading), and I put that activity into the time slot when I used to exercise.

Strategy:  replace one positive activity with a different but also positive activity.
End result:  feel peaceful either way!

Honestly, I don’t miss waking up to an alarm clock.  I don’t miss working full-time.  I don’t miss exercising first thing in the morning.  I don’t miss that feeling of being compelled to exercise so much.

I like waking up when my body just “does.”  I like being a “mostly” SAHM (I’m just now starting to resume working on weekdays, but it’s not going to be much).  I like my body’s appearance just the way it is.  And– I like reading in my bed in the morning.

The “little” things in life DO help a lot.  When I feel happy…

I am healed.


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