In the Kitchen

November 14, 2015

Lately I’ve been focusing quite a bit on the Whole Woman (WW) postural cue of “lift your chest.”  It’s definitely a key one, and I can almost feel a lifting sensation surrounding my urethra while I lift my chest.  It’s pretty amazing, really.

Tonight I was standing at the kitchen sink.  I was working with my hands in a bowl of water, loosening arils away from the pomegranate membrane.  Naturally, looking down isn’t part of the WW posture.  Looking forward and tucking the chin IS part of it!

However– in life we do have to look downward a lot, right?

Looking down at the fruit while I broke up pieces of *albedo did NOT stop me from still doing as many components of the WW posture as I possibly could.  With a simple, conscious effort, I found that it was pretty easy to keep my chest lifted while also looking down.

Every bit helps, that’s for sure!  It’s all about staying mindful, and doing the best you can do with the task at hand.  I feel at peace knowing that I’m doing so much, to help myself.

I am healed.

*Albedo is the white, fleshy substance directly under the skin of a pomegranate.  There’s your new vocabulary word for the day (at least it was mine!).


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