Cervix Position

November 13, 2015

Here are some interesting “Info Tidbits” (from my Free Menstrual Calendar (FMC) phone app), about how the cervix changes position with the menstrual cycle:

“Your cervix lifts and straightens and becomes softer, higher and more
open as your fertility (and the presence of estrogen) increases.”

“After ovulation, your cervix again becomes more closed and firm and lower.”

This is helpful information to have, if you deal with pelvic organ prolapse symptoms!

I’ve mentioned before that I used to manually “check” the status of my bulges on a daily basis.  I don’t anymore.  But when I did, I typically felt my cervix at a full first finger’s length inside.

Note– I’ve never thought that I had a uterine prolapse (although I never remember being able to feel my cervix at all in my pre-baby days).  I believe my prolapse symptoms stem from a mild cystocele and mild rectocele.

Indeed, sometimes I could feel my cervix noticeably lower.  At the time, I didn’t know that the cervix is supposed to change position during the month.  At the time, the feeling that my cervix had “dropped down” a bit occasionally made me worry that whatever degree of prolapse that I had was getting worse.

That’s not exactly a peaceful thought!

Now I don’t feel compelled to “check” myself very often at all.  Now I don’t worry!  Now I know that my cervix does its “thing” exactly like it’s supposed to do.

Today is cycle day 24.  I’ve felt pretty darn great the past few days!

I am healed.


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