Noticing the Cold

November 11, 2015

Yesterday I went outside with my boy in his stroller for a ~2 mile walk.  I think the temperatures were in the mid-40s (Fahrenheit).  Lately, I’ve noticed how cold it’s starting to get when we go out.

I can’t let my guy run around outside for as long as we’d both like.  He won’t wear a hat so I have to make sure I dress him in coats with hoods.  And he’s a real rascal about having mittens put on him.  He refuses!

But my point for mentioning the cold on this post on this blog is that I’ve thought this many times in the past few weeks:


By “last year,” I mean this time last year, including the winter months, through early spring.

(Truthfully I did notice the cold when I was at the ski area and it was snowing.  But I’m talking about just regular old cold weather at home.  I’m talking about cool temps when going on walks outside.)

Now, I know that I did go on walks outside last year.  Sure, I wasn’t feeling up to walking nearly as often as I go now (thanks to my prolapse symptoms being what I would call severe a year ago), but I still set foot outside.

Why didn’t I notice the cold last year?  Why DO I notice it this year?

The answer is this:  Last year I must have been so preoccupied by my symptoms (it was completely impossible to not be) that the cold literally never crossed my radar.  Last year I did some walking but the walks were far from enjoyable.  I was way too uncomfortable.  I was way too tense.  I couldn’t even breathe normally (see my post, “Breathing“).

This year I do still feel the mild prolapse symptoms, but I enjoy the walks.  I’m relaxed, my belly is relaxed, my breathing is relaxed…everything is so much more peaceful!

Therefore, I notice the cold!  Therefore…

I am healed.


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