November 8, 2015

I think this is going to be a random kind of post.  I’m a bit tired, so I should try to whip this out fast and get to bed, right?  It’s almost 10 PM and you know what that means…right?

Real quick…

I worked a ~10 hour day today, but my patients were “easy” on my body.  Fortunately!  I didn’t have to physically exert myself much.

I started the day feeling “quite good,” and– for the first time– I realized that I wasn’t really feeling “pressure” as much as I was feeling like I had a tampon not quite inserted all of the way in.  Do you know that feeling?  The way I felt today was actually less uncomfortable than the “stuck tampon” feeling, though.


By afternoon it was clear that things were shifting…or something…because I had more of that old sensation of “things are falling out down there.”  Ugh…it felt a bit more droopy and gapey and heavy.

I got home from work…

And I was greeted by my very smiley and excited boy.  Best part of my day!  And I got a kiss from my super awesome husband.  He was making dinner, so I hit the couch for a brief horizontal recharge.  He said I deserve it. 🙂

After dinner I got another recharge, and then I took a shower while doing my “evening adjustments.”  Since I felt a wee bit less “lifted” this afternoon, I decided to check myself internally.


  • Anterior wall of vagina–  Not feeling too droopy there!  Excellent.
  • Cervix– Plenty high!  (That’s never been an issue.)
  • Posterior wall of vagina– A-ha!  A bit of a firm mass there.  Poo-poo in my rectum.  The culprit.

So this tends to help ME when I feel like an impending poop is causing some added symptoms.  I simply use the finger that’s already inserted in my vagina to push on that posterior wall and I kind of massage and “move” my rectal bulge upward.  I stabilize the external skin surrounding the anus with my other hand as a counter pressure.

Note that I don’t have to insert any fingers inside my rectum.  Thankfully!  Note that this blog is all about “TMI” too.  You knew that right?  Are you still with me?  Are you okay with frank anatomical discussions?

Then I got out of the shower and I noticed that the simple little bit of massaging I did helped.  This is not the first time that’s been the case!

On a side note…

It’s cycle day 19.  Last month I got my period at day 25 so I’m still trying to figure out the exact pattern to my symptoms in the days leading up to my period.  What affect did my hormone levels have on me today?  Hmm.

As Scarlett O’hara said…tomorrow IS another day.  (She always cracked me up with how dramatic she was).  I will think about this today and I will think about this tomorrow (still Scarlett talking).  I’m a scientist and an observer.  I’m my own case study.  I make observations.  I see what works.  And I see that change is the only constant.  Like life.

Everything’s physically changing.  Except my mood is stable.  Nothing upsets my peace now!

I am healed.


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