Tightening Skin

November 3, 2015

So here’s something:

I’ve noticed that the skin on my belly has definitely tightened up in the last month or so.  I think it was a couple weeks ago that it occurred to me that maybe that was the case.  Now I’m sure of it.

Back in June, when I was 10 months post-partum, I actually sent a private message on Facebook to a friend who had a baby 2.5 months before I did.  She’s in phenomenal physical shape (she’s a personal trainer, for one).  I asked her if she also noticed an increase in belly skin looseness.  At the time, she was just over 1 year post-partum.

My friend said, “Yup”!

I wonder if she also noticed a change for the better in the last several months, too.  I should ask her again.

At any rate, I think this means something.  It means that it does take a long time for the tissues to “shrink” back up.  And– what’s happening on the surface of my body must also be happening on the inside!

No doubt that the reason that I’m continuing to feel improvement in my prolapse symptoms at nearly 14.5 months post-partum is that it takes TIME for recovery.  Lots of time.

Although I no longer care about having a “ripped” belly completely devoid of any fat, I am pleased that my belly skin has tightened up and continues to tighten up.  And remember, folks– I’m 44 years old!

I get a peaceful feeling when I see the very concrete, visual evidence of my skin’s remarkable ability to reverse its laxity.  But– way more importantly– I visualize that ALL the pelvic organs that were affected by my difficult childbirth are also undergoing this same awesome process.

I am healed.


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