Living Life


Have I been a slacker or what?  I didn’t post yesterday and I didn’t post the day before, either?

And I haven’t been doing very well with my goal of getting to bed at ~10 PM either!  (Right at this minute it’s 10:27 PM)

Life is happening, folks.  And that’s a good thing.  You see…in the past it was sort of, kind of like I was “waiting” for my prolapse issues to heal…before I could “get on with my life.”

For the longest time (i.e. over a year) my mind was just SO focused on my symptoms.  Were they better?  Were they worse?  Was the feeling changing?

Just today I realized that I might be getting to the point (finally) where I can just live my life without being consumed by such “monkey mind” thoughts surrounding the status of my perineum.

As my baby-turned-toddler is making my life busier and busier (in a very good way!) AND, since I’ve gotten rather accustomed to feeling the way I feel (annoying as it is), I AM feeling a new form of peace that comes with simply living my life.

Life happens when I stop thinking and obsessing about this “issue” of mine.  The days are more enjoyable that way!

11 PM…yikes!  Goodnight, all.

I am healed.


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