Yep, there’s definitely a monthly pattern.

According to my menstrual calendar phone app, today was cycle day 10.  My “predicted fertile days” are the next 4 days, based on my average cycle length (28 days).  Day 14 is the expected ovulation day.

Anyway, this happened last month, too:  I started feeling more “swollen” in my vaginal area in the days leading up to ovulation.  At first I mistook it for a slight worsening of my prolapse symptoms, but today I realized that it’s not really that…

You see, today it was obvious that even part of my labia majora was swollen (an area that is clearly outside of the borders of my prolapsed anatomy).  This was the first month that I noticed that.  Obviously, if all the tissues down there are full of fluid, then it would make sense that I might feel a bit more pressure during this time of the month.

This is an important discovery:

Increased pressure due to generalized swelling in the days before ovulation does not equal a worsening of whatever degree of prolapse that I have.

As I get in tune with my body with each passing month, I feel more and more at ease.  I trust my body to respond the way it’s supposed to.  Peace is found in predictable patterns.

I am healed.


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