Evening Adjustments


noun ad·just·ment \ə-ˈjəs(t)-mənt\
: a small change that improves something or makes it work better

I think I’ve mentioned before that evening is the time of day when I’m likely to have my “worst” prolapse symptoms.  I put that word in quotes because these days nothing is feeling that bad, but I’m just saying that it gets relatively worse at that time.

It must be due to end-of-day fatigue and the cumulative effect of various moves that I make throughout the day in sub-optimal form.  Let’s face it:  it’s impossible to maintain perfect Whole Woman posture during every single daily activity.

But– every evening, I have the opportunity to give myself an “adjustment.”  For many months now, I’ve been in the habit of taking my showers at about 7 PM.  My husband plays with our son after dinner while I disappear for ~30 minutes.

In the shower, I do some jiggling.  I learned about this on the Whole Woman forum.  While standing, I bend forward with butt out, tailbone up with my hands propped on my legs, right above my knees.  I allow my belly to hang down, completely flaccid.  This brings my pelvic organs into their optimal positions.

I jiggle in this position and I’m still trying to figure out how best to coordinate my breath during the jiggling.  Should I jiggle after an out breath?  Should I try to breathe in and out while jiggling?  I’m experimenting to see what works the best.

After my shower, I then dry off and go lie down on my bed for maybe 10-15 minutes.  I position myself on my back with hips propped up a little.

That’s it.  That’s my evening adjustment.

I do find that this “small change” definitely improves my prolapse symptoms, which gives me a nice, positive “oomph” to get me through ’til bedtime.  Truthfully, on days when I did feel a LOT worse than I do now, I’d spend that post-shower “rest time” doing a “healing, breathing meditation.”

I should keep doing that now.  It was wonderful.

I certainly don’t miss those (fortunately few) days when I felt discouraged enough that I needed to cry for a while in my bed!  Yet, somehow I always gained a degree of peace and hope from a good cry.

I try to adjust my attitude when I adjust my pelvic organs.

I am healed.


2 thoughts on “Evening Adjustments

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this blog. Your gentle encouragement is so helpful.
    Thank you for being brave enough to post this blog. You give words to my experience and remind me of what I can do to help myself. It is a comfort to know that I am not alone. Your upbeat approach helps me so much.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Nel. I’m so glad to get this kind of feedback. I started this blog in the hopes that I would connect with others who are going through something similar. Yay! We can stick together. It’s a big help! 😉


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