Period Pain


This post is just a quick follow-up to the post I did yesterday (Pelvic Organ Remodeling).


Indeed, my period did come today, which means it was another short cycle (25 days).  My flow was moderately heavy and yes, unfortunately, I had the same fairly intense pain as I mentioned in My Period.

It hurts right in front of my pubic bone and it seems to be localized to the more superficial tissues (superior portion of the labia majora).  It’s worse with standing and it feels better if I apply manual compression.

So what does this have to do with my prolapse symptoms?


So what is the point of bringing this up?

Because this period sensation is PAINFUL.  The good news is that it’s a very temporary pain, lasting for just the first 1-2 days of my period.  But it’s still a pain.

And being in pain today reminded me that I wasn’t in pain yesterday.  I’m not in pain at all when I feel my prolapse symptoms.

So I guess my point is that I’m thankful that my prolapse symptoms don’t HURT.  (Sure, there was a time when the pressure symptom was severe enough to feel just as bad as actual pain, but fortunately those days are long gone.)

It’s hard to remain peaceful when you’re in pain.  My period pain is here today, but it’ll be gone by the end of tomorrow.

I am healed.


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