Pelvic Organ Remodeling


Knock on wood, today was another really good day.  And it appears that my period shall come within another day or so, because today I started spotting (it’s day 25).  I’ll be curious to see if either the raspberry leaf tea or the gotu kola powder has made any difference in my period symptoms.  (Stay tuned!)  Perhaps they’ve been having a positive effect in general.  Who knows?

Today the word “remodeling” came into my mind.  I was walking with the stroller and feeling darn good.  In fact, I didn’t really feel pressure today.  It was more like a mild tension or pulling sensation.  As I continue to get better I’m noticing this qualitative difference in my symptoms more and more.  The sensation of pulling is more comfortable that the sensation of pressure.

With each restorative step that I took while maintaining Whole Woman posture, I imagined that my body is literally remodeling itself hour by hour and day by day.

It’s now been nearly 3 months since I started learning and practicing the Whole Woman approach to prolapse management.  In that time, my body had to adapt to a posture that was basically foreign to me.  Certain muscles had to strengthen, while others had to learn how to relax.  My lumbar spine has probably gained a small (but critical) degree of flexibility that it didn’t have before.

As my resilient body moves under the forces of gravity I visualize that my pelvic organs are responding favorably on a cellular level.  Little by little, normalcy is being restored.  It takes time, but that’s okay.  Look how far I’ve come in the past 3 months!

Remodeling IS happening.  Pressure IS being replaced with peace.

I am healed.



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