On the Floor


I spend a LOT of time on the floor, being a mom to a toddler.  It’s kind of crazy.  I’m going to make a quick list of all of the baby-related things I do on the floor on a daily basis:

  • playing
  • looking out the window (from floor level)
  • feeding him snacks
  • putting on diapers for nap time & nighttime (wrestling included!)
  • getting him dressed in underwear & other clothing (chasing included!)
  • blotting the carpet with prefold diapers when he pee-pees and it soaks through his underwear (he’s an almost 14 month old who’s been using the toilet since he was 3.5 months)
  • picking up toys and everything else that ends up on the floor (but I do use my reacher a lot!)
  • picking him up off the floor

For a long time, I’ve noticed that all that “floor time” isn’t so good for pelvic organ prolapse.  Of course, it’s not the being on the floor that’s bad (lying down is good!).  It’s the getting down and getting back up again that seems to stress the perineum (at times).

At present, I’m doing very well.  I’m feeling better all the time!  But going down on the floor and getting back up again is still something that I have to do all day long that I’d rather not do.  Until I have ZERO symptoms, those transitional movements will always “kind of, sort of” bother me.

Sure– if you go from upright to floor level and back up again just once during the day, or if you pick up your kid from the floor just once during the day, or if you bend for a dropped item just once during the day…then each isolated movement shouldn’t exacerbate the prolapse symptoms.

However, moms of babies do these activities repeatedly, day in and day out.  It adds up to a lot!

Sometimes I think back to when I didn’t have a kid.  I think the only time I spent on the floor back then was when I did stretching, yoga and other exercises.  Otherwise, I didn’t literally live on the floor!

I do look forward to when I won’t have to spend so much time on the floor, but that DOESN’T MEAN I WANT MY SON TO GROW UP ANY FASTER!!  For the record, I love playing with him and I love doing everything that’s required to be a good mama to him!  You get my point, right?

I just believe that my body will be that much happier (and at peace!) when I can spend less time getting myself down and up, down and up!  For now, I’m trying to always move my body in ways that will facilitate my continued progress.

I am healed.


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