Almost Normal


Hmm, I’m tired!  I worked a 9.5 hour day today.  Unlike 3 weeks ago, today I didn’t want to cry.

Actually, both yesterday and today were among my best days to date since I had my baby.  Something was noticeably and very obviously different.  For a good span of time, I felt…almost normal.

Almost normal means that I felt just the slightest slightest sensation of pressure.  It was “barely there.”  I felt more “lifted up” internally.  I could sense that my pelvic organs were positioned maybe just a couple millimeters (??) into a better position.  But a small excursion makes a big improvement in the feeling!

AND– the “almost normal” feeling lasted for a lot longer than I thought it would.

I felt pretty great DESPITE assisting one of my male patients to stand up from his wheelchair fairly early this morning.  The encouraging feeling lasted, even as I had to bend down to help one of my female patients with her clothing in the bathroom.

As I continued to do my job– reaching down for wheelchair brakes and helping to roll a back surgery patient over in bed to show the nurses aides how to get her TLSO orthotic on– I did start to feel just a wee bit worse…

BUT it took almost the whole day to “feel it” in a still rather mild way.  Do you know how awesome this is?

The next step is for me to maintain this “almost normal” feeling ALL DAY.  Today I was clearly challenged by a lot of movements I had to do at work.  In between times when I was forced to bend and reach (and yes– do some lifting and pulling!) I tried to quickly get back into posture with my chest lifted.

I really wouldn’t mind having “almost normal” be my “new normal.”  But I think I’ll continue to strive for normal normal!  I feel tired yet peaceful tonight as I finish this post immediately before I go to bed.

Sweet dreams!
I am healed.


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