Using Weights


Happy birthday to me!  I almost wrote the above date as 10-10-71 instead of 10-10-15!  I’ll spare you from doing the math…I’m 44 years old.  Wow, getting up there!

And I promise that every post won’t be exercise-focused, because that would get old fast!  I’d also quickly run out of things to say on the topic.  But, for now I’m rolling with the momentum that I have!

Today I got out my 3 pound dumbbells and sat on the front of a chair with no arms.  It took me 15 minutes or less to do ~10 reps of the following:

  1. deltoid raises to the side (one arm at a time)
  2. deltoid raises to the side (both arms simultaneously)
  3. deltoid raises to the front (one arm at a time)
  4. bicep curls (slow)
  5. bicep curls (fast)
  6. tricep curls (one arm at a time, straight back)
  7. tricep curls (both arms simultaneously, straight back)
  8. tricep curls (one arm at a time, toward midline)
  9. overhead shoulder presses (straight up)
  10. overhead shoulder presses (keeping arms a bit wider)
  11. bend over, keep elbow bent and pull weight back/up from the shoulder (what is that called?)

I can certainly lift more than 3 pounds but I started light for today, since I haven’t picked up my weights in months.

It did feel good!  My upper traps easily fatigued like usual (they always seem to be my “weak link”) so hopefully I don’t get any painful trigger points in the next day or so.  If I keep this up I know I’ll quickly see a little more muscle build up in my shoulders.

Sitting in a chair to lift light weights definitely gives my upper body a great strength workout while my pelvic organs remain at peace.

I am healed.


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