Getting Motivated


Today I decided I’m GOING to get on a regular exercise routine.  At nearly 14 months post-partum, it’s TIME.

Before baby, I was extremely motivated to exercise at least 5 days per week, and I barely missed a week…ever.  In fact, I was one of “those” people who got a bit cranky if I didn’t get a chance to exercise on a given day.

Fast forward to October 2014– and I wrote this post (on my other blog):  “Body Image After Baby (2 Months Post-Partum).”  As of that post, I was ~10 weeks post-partum, I was ~14 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and I’d figured out that my perineum was NOT healing nearly as fast as I thought it would following childbirth.

At the time, I had NO choice but to surrender to my body’s (pitifully slow) healing process.  At the time, I didn’t fully realize (although I definitely suspected it) that the symptoms that were limiting me so much were, in fact, due to pelvic organ prolapse and not simply a slow healing episiotomy.

In those early post-partum weeks (even though I felt extremely uncomfortable most of the time), I did try to do a little exercise, as often as I reasonably could.  At the time I really thought I was being careful and conservative.  Yet, basically everything I tried to do made me feel worse.  It was frustrating and depressing.

(Since I know things now that I didn’t know back then, it’s abundantly obvious to me now that those exercises that I tried to do were the wrong things to be doing!)

It took me many months (almost a year) to let go of my “old self” and accept that my body right now just can’t safely do the things it could do before.  Therefore, I finally settled into my “relatively sedentary” lifestyle.  What that means for me is:  I walk with the stroller a few times per week (2-3 miles per outing), I go rollerblading or cycling on nice weekends (or skiing during Winter), and I do a lot of stretching in the house.

What makes me “sedentary” in my eyes is that I haven’t gotten back into any regular routine of doing yoga or strength/resistance work with weights in the house.

Before baby, I loved to do tons of abdominal work, push-ups, chin-ups, and I even got to the point where I was able to do a full pull-up starting from hanging from the bar.  I loved doing body weight exercises like planks and dips.  Although I’m a “skinny girl” and my muscles never get big no matter how hard I try (bummer!), before baby I’d gotten pretty strong for me!

—> Do I need to point out that all of those above exercises are pretty much the WORST things you can do if you have issues with pelvic organ prolapse?

Anyway…now that I have my set of Whole Woman Yoga DVDs, and now that I’ve watched and done all of them at least a couple times each, AND now that I have a better idea of what’s safe and what’s unsafe for me to do…it’s NOW time for me to get myself on a regular routine.

At this point I see no excuse for not starting to do a little or a lot more.  I shall stress that I’m only going to do things that’ll help me and not hinder my progress, though!!

So this morning, shortly after my baby woke up, I immediately did the 3rd and 4th Wheel Whole Woman Yoga programs.  To do them both takes less than an hour so it’s easy for me to “get ‘er done” while my little boy plays in the same room (or joins me on the yoga mat).

For the record, my current plan is to get a little strength/resistance work and/or yoga (in-house) exercise done daily, first thing in the morning.  For accountability, I shall make a brief mention of what I do each day when I blog here.

My goal is to get a lot stronger while maintaining protection of my pelvic region 100%.  If I succeed in that I know I’ll experience a renewed sense of accomplishment for what my body can do and I’ll feel increased confidence, happiness, and peacefulness.

I am healed.


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