Finding Out Who Your Friends Are


Today I’m making an exception by posting more than once per day.

Dear Aaron Wright,

When I check my stats for this blog it tells me the number of views and the referral source.  I know that you posted the link to this blog on a ski-related website/forum.  I assume your motive is to try to humiliate me in some way.  Or, maybe you just think you’re hilarious.  Or…whatever.

Well– It doesn’t matter to me who sees my blog and if someone wants to get a laugh over it then so be it.  I’m writing on this blog in a public way, first, for myself, and, second, to reach out to others who are going through something similar or much, much worse.

I just want to say to you that I’m really disappointed.  Last ski season you met our baby son, you acted once again like a friend to myself and my husband.  I had decided to put any past hard feelings behind me and I was actually happy to view our friendship in a fresh light.  It felt good.

When you spoke about your bad ski accident, I actually thought I saw a more humbled version of yourself.  You seemed changed.  I actually felt a little sorry for you.  As I don’t like being in pain, I did feel bad that you’d gone through a suffering of your own.  I feel sad that I was wrong about you.

Now that ski season is nearly upon us again, I’m feeling bummed.  Now I see 100% that we have NO friendship and that we won’t ever have a friendship on any level again.  I see you for who you are.

I don’t feel humiliated.  I’m not embarrassed.  I’m just really sad and disappointed.  I’m sad because I see that deep down you really are a very mean-spirited person.

When we see each other at the ski area soon, I wonder how you will act.  I wonder if you will put on a fakey nice persona.  Will you act like you’re my friend to my face?

If you’re an asshole on the internet, then why don’t you just be an asshole to my face?

Sincerely, Elisa


Friendships come and go.  I am at peace when I find out who my true friends are.

I am healed.


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