Explosive Sneezing


Explosive sneezing is not good for me!

On Friday, I noticed that my 13.5 month old had a runny nose.  Two days later, he’s acting as if having a cold virus is no big deal (and his cold seems to be over already).  Yet– here I am with a headache, runny nose and sore throat that will probably last a good week.

Once today, I had an explosive sneeze…YIKES.

Sneezing with prolapse means I have to brace myself quick!  When I sneeze I can really tell that there are bulges down there.  It’s no bueno!!

Before I found Whole Woman Inc (WW), I’d try to coordinate doing a kegel squeeze right as any sneezes let loose (if standing).  That, and I’d grab my crotch (only at home!) or, I’d cross my legs like you do when you really have to pee.  Of course, the best option is quickly sitting down.

Sneezing, blowing my nose, and coughing are all risky actions.  While I can’t help how hard a sneeze comes out, I definitely notice myself blowing my nose and coughing in the most pitiful, weakest way that I can, to get the job done.

Since I found the Whole Woman approach, I’ve found that if I lean over a counter and stick my butt way out while I blow my nose or cough, I feel much less vulnerable to the sudden increases in pressure.  It definitely helps.  Yet, I still avoid coughing or blowing at the force that I used to take for granted.

The biggest bummer is that the same stuff applies to when something makes me laugh really hard.  Ugh, I can’t laugh hard!  I want to!  Who doesn’t love it when something is so funny that the laugh takes over your whole body?  Well, me!  And that’s frustrating.  I look forward to the day when I’ll be able to laugh heartily without bracing myself.

My final point is this:

I’ve often thought to myself that I’ll know that I’m fully healed when I can sneeze, cough, nose blow, and laugh without a worry.

For the time being, I shall continue to optimize my body position when these “high pressure actions” must happen.  I do have some peace right now, because at least I don’t have any problem with urinary leakage (stress incontinence) when I sneeze/cough/blow/laugh.

I do want to laugh as much as possible because laughing is so therapeutic.  Our son definitely provokes me to laugh often!  But I’ll try to get over this cold as soon as possible so I can avoid doing all the other stuff.

I am healed.


One thought on “Explosive Sneezing

  1. This is crazy – I’ve had hayfever last few days so I’ve been sneezing lots (ended up taking a hayfever tablet for the sake of the prolapse & relief), I just signed up to your posts and the first email I receive is amazingly relevant!! Thank you! I do get incontinence though at the moment as I’m leading up to my period. You are very inspiring – I really appreciate your blog and information. Thank you!



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