Have you ever read something on a forum that was posted 1, 3, 5 (or more) years ago and you wonder…

  • How is that person doing now?
  • Did that person’s issue get resolved? How?
  • WHERE is the update?

Today I did a Google search that eventually lead me to this forum thread.  The reason I bring it up is because the OP (original poster) of that thread actually DID come back on to post an update to her status…3 years after her original post.  Very nice!

It was encouraging to read that it took her almost 3 years to “heal and revert back to a more normal stage.”  Since I’m “only” 13 months into my post-partum healing, that gives me lots of hope.

She also mentioned that it can take 2 years after childbirth to heal.  And by the way– I keep hearing that “2 year” time frame being mentioned.  I have no idea what the source for that is, though.  (A quick Google search just now didn’t give me any answers.)

Clearly, it does take a long time to heal from a difficult childbirth.  I know that from experience because I’m still experiencing progress at the 13.5 month mark.  So it’s completely believable that it could take up to 2 years.

But hearing someone say that things took even longer than 2 years brings me even more hope and more peace.  At this point I’m perfectly patient!  As long as my progress continues, it doesn’t really matter to me exactly how long it takes.

Sure– I want very, very much to simply feel normal again, NOW.  Yet, at this point I’m used to feeling the way that I feel.  Some would say it’s the “new normal,” but I’m not saying that yet!  I’m still striving for normal normal!

I do have a happy, satisfying life even though I deal with (mild) prolapse symptoms nearly 100% of the time.  I can easily wait out another 1.5 years of healing.  Patience is my middle name!  Patience = Peace.

I am healed.


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