Walking to the Coffee Shop


Here is one measure of my progress.

Today was Kindermusik day.  We live within walking distance from the park where the activity is held (~1 mile one way), but today I decided to do the longer loop so I could swing by my favorite coffee shop (Vinaccio) on the way there.

The total mileage today was ~3.75 miles, on a mostly level route.

I’ve walked this route (or a slightly longer variation) many times in the past several months, but today I specifically thought about one day last January (2015).

On that January day, I was 5 months post-partum, and I felt REALLY BAD while walking to the coffee shop.  I remember coming to the depressing conclusion at the time that I just wasn’t ready to walk “that far” yet.  (Ugh– 3.75 miles wasn’t and isn’t far at all.)

Fast forward to today.  It was among my best days yet!  I walked feeling REALLY GOOD, and I thought, what a difference ~8 months can make!  I felt so grateful.

Today I wanted to be able to go back and reassure my 5 month post-partum self that it was going to get a LOT better!

Today made me happy.  Being able to comfortably and joyfully walk to the coffee shop to get a little “hug in a mug” gave me peace.  I’m thankful for so much.

I am healed.



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