Bladder Health


Sometimes I know exactly what I’m going to write about when I blog here each day.  Right now I have no idea!  So let me pause for a sec to think…

Ok, got it.  I just remembered that I’ve been thinking about my bladder function this week.

So– I am pretty sure that my pressure symptoms are caused, in part, by a cystocele.  However, I feel extremely fortunate that I seem to have normal bladder function.  I have no stress incontinence, I have no urge incontinence, and I don’t have any issues with incomplete bladder emptying, or anything else.

One question I had was–

I would know it if I had the problem of incomplete emptying…right?  I really do feel like my bladder completely drains when I go pee.  Apparently, if you don’t empty all the way, then you’re at higher risk of bladder infections.

I’ve never had a UTI (urinary tract infection) in my adult life, but I have to admit that I’m a little paranoid of them.  I’ve just seen too many patients in the nursing homes fight recurrent and drug resistant UTIs.

One thing I’m doing for bladder health is keeping myself hydrated.  The other thing is drinking some unsweetened cranberry juice in a big glass of water daily.  In addition, I consume very little sugar.

These are simple things that I can do for my bladder health and wellness.  I have no urination problems and that’s cause for gratitude.  I don’t take it for granted!  Gratitude is peace.

I am healed.


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