My Period


For the past few months, I’ve been trying to figure out if my prolapse symptoms get better or worse in relationship to my menstrual cycle.  I still don’t know the answer, but at times I’ve thought that it gets a little worse in the couple days before my period comes.

Today I started spotting but yet the last few days have been quite good.  It was actually 4 and 5 days ago that I had some not-so-good hours (I say hours instead of days because, when I feel a little worse, it’s rarely for the entire day).

Last weekend (4-5 days ago), I looked it up and found that I was probably in the phase of my cycle when my progesterone peaks.  I wondered at the time if the progesterone peak has anything to do with it.

I won’t have any answers for a while, but my point is that I’m trying to notice and remember any patterns.

The only real pattern I’ve noticed has nothing to do with prolapse issues.  It just has to do with being post-partum.  Before baby, I always tended to have ~30 day cycles (and much much longer in the year before I got pregnant).

Ever since my period resumed at ~3 months post-partum, my cycles have been generally quite short (for me).  The past 2 cycles were 26 days, then before that it was 27 days and 23 days.  My flow volume isn’t much different than pre-pregnancy (fairly light except for the first 2 days).

One thing that’s been different since giving birth is that the pain I feel with my period is not at all in the same place as before.  Now, I get a painful pressure/throbbing feeling in my vulva which seems related to the general increased blood flow in that area.  I’ve never had varicose veins before, but I’m imagining that the pain is similar.  Fortunately, this fairly intense pain (made worse with standing) only lasts for ~1 day.

My actual prolapse symptoms during my period are somewhat masked by the fact that I wear tampons and pads.  Both serve to increase my comfort.  One doctor I saw in February said that a tampon is a poor man’s (woman’s!) pessary.  I feel more supported with a tampon in.

Pads, of course, provide tactile input and compression.  Compression is good!

As I start my period this month, I expect tomorrow to be a heavier flow day.  I’ll be curious to see how I feel during and after this cycle.  (If tomorrow is day 1, then this month was a 27 day cycle.)

Every time I get a period, I like to visualize that my body and my pelvic organs are normalizing more and more and more with each passing cycle.  That’s a peaceful thought!  (I’ve never been one to dread having periods.)

I am healed.


2 thoughts on “My Period

  1. I have a very similar thing happen to me – cycle seems to be getting shorter and I have that pain day 1 and last cycle I got a bit of that pain on & off for two days during ovulation. Must be some reason for it. I’m 14 months PP. Also, while I’m commenting, thank you so much for your blog – it is amazingly helpful and many of your posts are similar to my experiences.


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