Thong Underwear


I guess that title is an attention-getter, huh?

I didn’t used to wear thong underwear.  But now I’m finding that I prefer it.  It’s amazing what a positive difference it makes for my prolapse symptoms.

You see, when I wear the underwear that’s been my favorite for years (Patagonia Active Briefs), I feel more uncomfortable than when I wear my new thongs (Patagonia Barely Thong).

I actually bought the thongs because I had a suspicion that the shape/width of the material covering the crotch would help.  And I was right!!

Because the thong fabric tapers down ever-more-narrowly there, the material creates a light but very effective upward and slightly inward compression right against my vaginal opening as well as against my perineum tissue between vagina and anus.

It makes a big difference!  When I wear the thong, I feel more supported, more “closed,” and more secure.  The subtle compression takes away a certain nagging and annoying sensation so that I’m just left with a different but “better” kind of mild sensation.

I don’t expect that to make sense unless you’re also dealing with what I’m dealing with.  Just know that it’s an improvement!

It’s awesome that such a tiny piece of breathable clothing can do so much.  That means peace to me!  I think I shall order some more, because at present I only have four.  That’s not nearly enough!

I am healed.



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