Whole Woman Yoga


I’m really excited today!  I received my Whole Woman Yoga/Book Bundle, which includes:

  • Saving the Whole Woman – the book by Christine Kent
  • Whole Woman Yoga – The First Wheel DVD
  • Whole Woman Yoga – The Second Wheel DVD
  • Whole Woman Yoga – The Third Wheel DVD
  • Restore Your Goddess Belly – The Fourth Wheel DVD

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I should have bought this stuff when I first discovered the Whole Woman (WW) approach to prolapse management.  But I didn’t.  I guess I wanted to first see how far I could progress with just the information I found on the Whole Woman Inc website (which is a lot).  I suspected that I’d eventually order some products.  And here I am now!

One reason that I decided to get these yoga DVDs is that I’ve been extra cautious about exercise– maybe too cautious.  Lately I’ve done little more than outdoor activities like walking, rollerblading, and biking, and indoor stretching and wall sits.  To be honest, things have been going so well that I’ve been scared to do something that’ll set me back.

These days, I’m ALL about keeping this progress going!  But yet I want to do more full body strengthening exercises.  It became clear that I needed some detailed guidance!

I’m really looking forward to starting this new exercise program tomorrow.  And I’ve already read some pearls in the book, while simply skimming through some of the chapters.  I can tell that this is money well spent.

It’s funny that I received my DVDs today, because my almost 13 month old guy learned how to do a “down dog” just today, on command.  What a coincidence!

For months, I’ve been doing that pose in the house as a simple stretch.  In the last week, I noticed my boy putting his head on the floor and sticking his butt up.  After a while, I wondered if he was doing down dog.  Finally today it became completely obvious that that’s what he was doing.  I asked him to do it repeatedly and he did!  So cute.

I feel peace knowing that I now have the tools to dramatically, yet safely increase my in-home exercise activity level.

I am healed.




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