Picking Up Toys


Toys are everywhere!  And my kid doesn’t pick up after himself!

Haha!  Well, he is only one.

Today I decided that I really should get a reacher, also known as a grabber.  You know– that simple tool that you use to pick up things.  It has other uses too, and it’s something I used with my geriatric Occupational Therapy patients all the time.

When I was pregnant I thought time and time again that I needed to go ahead and GET ONE.  But I didn’t.  Now– publicly– I’m vowing to JUST DO IT.

The best way for me to pick up toys (at the present), is to get down on all fours and crawl along as I fling items in various bins we have throughout the house.  But, naturally, I stand and bend down more times than I’d like.

This morning I briefly wondered what I did months ago, when my symptoms were sooo much worse.  Duh!  I laughed to myself as it quickly dawned on me that my kid wasn’t able to get into things back then.  Boy, the times are changing quickly around here!

The reacher that I WILL buy (and use!) shall be one more tool in my prolapse management arsenal.  Every little bit helps to keep my pelvic organs optimally positioned…and at peace!

I am healed.


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