Cleaning House

This morning I was getting our house ready for tomorrow’s guests.  We’re having our baby’s first birthday party…woo-hoo!  It should be fun!

I’ve mentioned before that I need to modify certain activities so that I don’t make my prolapse symptoms feel worse.  I thought I’d give you a simple example in this short post.

Today I needed to clean a bathroom and vacuum.  In the bathroom, I started with the shower.  I sprayed cleaner on the long wall and I instinctively started reaching over to wipe and scrub the wall.


The reaching over made me realize that I’d better step into the tub while I worked, instead of reaching over like I always did in the past.  It’s such a simple task modification, but it’s the 100s of “little” things during the day that really add up!

As an Occupational Therapist, I’m used to breaking down tasks for my patients and making recommendations for the purpose of conserving energy, managing pain, or facilitating independence.

Since I’m not quite back to work yet (I will be next week!), I’ve been my own patient.  IF I’m not a noncompliant patient, IF I move smartly, and IF listen to my body, that means I get to “keep the peace” in my perineum.

It can be tempting to just rush through a job or mindlessly go about your day, but it really doesn’t take any extra time to complete daily activities with better postural alignment and improved efficiency.  Pretty soon, new habits are formed and it’s like you’ve always been doing it that new way.

I am healed.


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