Morning Pressure


Potty talk!

Mornings are usually good.  After a full night of sleep, my “innards” settle into their optimal position, it seems.  When I get out of bed, the “games” begin.  Various activities will influence how I feel, and it also depends in a big way on HOW I move.  In general, if I’m smart, then I’m rewarded.

At times (not always), I feel a gradual increase in my pressure symptom not long after I get going in the morning.  I think, “What? Already?”  But here’s the deal:

I’ve come to realize that it’s my rectocele communicating with me.

Before I had this issue, when I had to poop, I’d have a build-up of that familiar rectal urge, then go to the bathroom.  That was it.

Now– my early signal that I’m going to need to use the toilet soon is that my pressure symptoms increase.  It happens before I’ll feel an actual urge to have a bowel movement.

It took me a while to realize that this was the case.  And it doesn’t always happen like that, either.  Sometimes I don’t get an increase in symptoms but I’ll just feel like I need to poop, so I do.  Every day is different with prolapse.  Everything is in flux.

But today (like yesterday), I had a short-lived increase in “morning pressure” which then resolved immediately after having a bowel movement.  Everyone feels better after going poop, right?  Well, gals with prolapse feel especially better!  That’s a form of peace.

I am healed.




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