Out Skating


When I was out rollerblading today, I got the idea to start this blog.

I’m going to make these posts as short as possible.  My goal is to journal a little bit each day.  Just a note.  My thoughts.  It’s going to be simply whatever comes to mind as I heal myself– emotionally and physically– from post-partum prolapse.

I’m not going to over-edit.  The flow of these posts might seem pretty random.  I need to just go with it.

On my skates, I thought about how I feel better rollerblading than I do walking.  I feel free on my skates.  I feel minimal symptoms.  It’s great!  And I felt similar a couple days ago when I hiked with my baby on my back in the Ergo carrier.  I found some peace today doing an activity that I love to do.

I am healed!  I shall end these posts with “I am healed” because that is what I am manifesting every day.

All for now.


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