Walking to the Coffee Shop


Here is one measure of my progress.

Today was Kindermusik day.  We live within walking distance from the park where the activity is held (~1 mile one way), but today I decided to do the longer loop so I could swing by my favorite coffee shop (Vinaccio) on the way there.

The total mileage today was ~3.75 miles, on a mostly level route.

I’ve walked this route (or a slightly longer variation) many times in the past several months, but today I specifically thought about one day last January (2015).

On that January day, I was 5 months post-partum, and I felt REALLY BAD while walking to the coffee shop.  I remember coming to the depressing conclusion at the time that I just wasn’t ready to walk “that far” yet.  (Ugh– 3.75 miles wasn’t and isn’t far at all.)

Fast forward to today.  It was among my best days yet!  I walked feeling REALLY GOOD, and I thought, what a difference ~8 months can make!  I felt so grateful.

Today I wanted to be able to go back and reassure my 5 month post-partum self that it was going to get a LOT better!

Today made me happy.  Being able to comfortably and joyfully walk to the coffee shop to get a little “hug in a mug” gave me peace.  I’m thankful for so much.

I am healed.



My List


For this post, I shall just mention that I made another blog page, called “Wellness List.”

I felt like compiling a list of all my different strategies for healing myself.  Somehow writing it all down feels empowering.  Writing it down is MANIFESTING HEALING.

I’ll add to the list as I add new habits.  I expect the list to keep growing!

I feel at peace knowing with full confidence that I have a lot more to practice, a lot more to learn, a lot more to explore…

Which means my healing is not done.  No even close!
I am healed.


Drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea


When I was pregnant, I drank organic raspberry leaf tea.  But after my baby’s birth, I stopped.  I guess I should have continued drinking it, though…

Because I was recently going through my pantry looking at the various teas I have, and I picked up the raspberry leaf tea box (Traditional Medicinals brand).  On it, it says that raspberry leaf “supports healthy menstruation , tones the uterus and may be used for menstrual cramps.”

Tones the uterus.

That sounded good to me.  If it tones the uterus, then maybe it tones other parts of the pelvic organs.  Logical, right?

I like the idea of doing something as simple as drinking tea to facilitate wellness in my womb.  Damn– I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to resume drinking this tea.

I know you can’t believe everything you read on Dr Google, but this website mentions that raspberry leaf tea is an astringent…

“Raspberry leaf tea is used as an astringent because of a compound in the leaf called tannins. Medically, an astringent is a substance that causes the tissues and openings of the body to constrict, reducing the flow of bodily fluids and slowing bleeding. According to the University of Michigan Health System, these astringent properties are the reason that drinking raspberry leaf tea may ease diarrhea and soothe sore throats. Ingesting astringents reduces swelling, which may be the reason for relief of symptoms.

I’d like to see some of my tissues constrict.  And if there’s residual swelling, then I want to reduce that!

This other website says lots of good things about the tea, including that it helps regulate hormones, ease digestion, strengthens the entire female reproductive tract, and it’s effective in UTIs (recall yesterday’s post on bladder health).

All this sounds great for healing prolapsed tissue.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to try.  There are worse things than “having” to drink a delicious tea!  I’m going to have a cup daily for a while, to see what happens.

I’m going to find a little peace in my mug!

I am healed.

Bladder Health


Sometimes I know exactly what I’m going to write about when I blog here each day.  Right now I have no idea!  So let me pause for a sec to think…

Ok, got it.  I just remembered that I’ve been thinking about my bladder function this week.

So– I am pretty sure that my pressure symptoms are caused, in part, by a cystocele.  However, I feel extremely fortunate that I seem to have normal bladder function.  I have no stress incontinence, I have no urge incontinence, and I don’t have any issues with incomplete bladder emptying, or anything else.

One question I had was–

I would know it if I had the problem of incomplete emptying…right?  I really do feel like my bladder completely drains when I go pee.  Apparently, if you don’t empty all the way, then you’re at higher risk of bladder infections.

I’ve never had a UTI (urinary tract infection) in my adult life, but I have to admit that I’m a little paranoid of them.  I’ve just seen too many patients in the nursing homes fight recurrent and drug resistant UTIs.

One thing I’m doing for bladder health is keeping myself hydrated.  The other thing is drinking some unsweetened cranberry juice in a big glass of water daily.  In addition, I consume very little sugar.

These are simple things that I can do for my bladder health and wellness.  I have no urination problems and that’s cause for gratitude.  I don’t take it for granted!  Gratitude is peace.

I am healed.

Swiss Ball Back Stretch


This new exercise/stretch for me was inspired by watching my 13 month old son.  He’s at that age when his favorite method to resist being picked up is to arch his head and upper back waaaaay back while raising his arms.

When I watch his neck go back so far, I am impressed!  He also does his arch-back-thing when I try to sit him on the toilet.  It makes it almost impossible for me to position him because I can’t get him to bend his hips.  Rascal!

On another note, I started doing the Whole Woman Yoga DVDs.  Included in the exercise program are moves that include– you guessed it– back and neck extension.

I need some work in this area!  And I’m really enjoying doing all this posture work.  I’m feeling taller, my back is getting stronger and I’m getting rid of that forward-slumped chest and shoulder position.

So without further adieu…


I have a Swiss ball that I place against a wall.  I sit with the ball directly behind me.  My body forms a 90 degree angle in a “long sit” (i.e. knees extended).  I sit very tall through my trunk, and I don’t let my pelvis slump.

To do the exercise/stretch, I then drape my back and head backward against the ball and I look up and back.  I bring my arms outward to wrap my shoulder blades around the ball.  I hold the posture for as long as I can while breathing in and out.  (I can’t hold it for long!)

The first time I did this today, it was a pretty intense stretch.  I did it several more times and it was already getting easier.

I know that if I continue to do this I’m going to feel a great benefit.  This is one more example of a simple exercise that can be done in just a couple minutes while baby plays in the same room.

Gravity is always trying to pull us forward and down.  My goal is to have the posture of a dancer.  My body and mind shall be strongly balanced.  Peace is mine!

I am healed.